OSSM’s Summer Shoulder Series Part 2: Injury Prevention and Recovery

The complex joint of the shoulder is active with just about every movement your body makes. Pain and injury of the shoulder can be debilitating, so prevention is key. Often our team of orthopedic surgeons see injuries that are preventable, including shoulders. Practicing these small habits and being aware of helpful tips can do a lot to help prevent shoulder injuries:

Train Your Muscles:

The stronger the muscles around the shoulder joint, the more protected it is. Many muscles surround the shoulder joint, with different points of origin. Training the shoulders in multiple forms and planes of movement can strengthen each muscle both individually and as a group.

The healthier and stronger the rest of the body is, the better for shoulder and overall injuries as well. Picking an exercise program that works best for your level of fitness and incorporating strength training consistently will ward off injury.

Exercise Right:

Exercise does not simply mean working out at the gym. Moving furniture, picking up kids, lifting items, or swinging a golf club are all examples of exercise. Warming up muscles before exercise can protect muscles and joints from injury. As mentioned, choosing the exercise plan that is right for you and your level of health is also important, along with eating healthily and taking care of your body in other ways.

Sleep Well:

Believe it or not, uncomfortable sleeping positions can contribute to shoulder pain and injury. Getting enough sleep will help your body heal and repair itself.  Using a good pillow and sleeping in a position that doesn’t cause pain can make a world of difference in shoulder injury prevention.

Don’t Ignore Pain:

Pain is your body talking to you. If you have consistent shoulder pain, don’t ignore it or push through. Rest your shoulder, and call us! Early detection is always better for diagnosing and treating injuries. Because the shoulder joint is so involved in almost all movement, continuing to use it injured can create a more extensive problem. Earlier detection means better outcomes. 

Work Safe:

Whether your job is sitting in an office or physical labor, there are ways to keep your shoulders injury free at work as well. If sitting in an office and working at a desk, make sure you have a supportive and comfortable chair. Using your computer in a neutral position allows your spine, neck, and shoulders stay healthy and pain free. Taking breaks to stretch and move your body will also help.

If your job is primarily physical work, use safe practices to prevent injury in the workplace. Following all other tips: getting adequate rest, training muscles and getting enough exercise will protect your shoulders as well.

If you are experiencing shoulder injury, call us right away and see one of our orthopedic shoulder specialists. We can quickly diagnose and treat any shoulder issue, and treatment plan for what is best for each patient. There are some ways you can treat shoulder injury at home, whether it is an injury that will resolve by itself or after surgery:


When it comes to the body, rest is where some of the real activity happens! Rest (and sleep) give the body the opportunity to repair itself and is essential to the healing process.

Physical Therapy:

OSSM is unique in so many ways, one of which being the fact that we also have a Physical Therapy clinic (OPTI). Our team works closely with the OPTI Physical and Occupational therapists to make sure our patients receive the best possible care, have the best outcomes, and heal stronger than ever.

Pain Relief:

Our doctors and team in office or in our orthopedic urgent care can help you map out the best way to lower pain and inflammation. This includes ice and OTC pain relief and anti-inflammatories. We will make a custom plan based on the injury, pre-existing health conditions, and pain levels to get pain and inflammation under control.

Nursing a shoulder injury? Call to schedule with one of our shoulder orthopedic surgeons at (208)664-2175, or utilize our orthopedic urgent care:

OSSM Orthopedic Urgent Care

850 W. Ironwood Drive, Ste. 202

Coeur d’Alene, ID

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