6 Benefits of Cupping Therapy at OPTI

6 Benefits of Cupping Therapy at OPTI

Our Physical Therapists at OPTI are trained to offer cupping therapy to our patients as an additional help for healing as well as overall health benefits to our patients. Cupping has become more recognized in the US as high profile athletes have been pictured with telltale signs of the therapy, and as the summer Olympics approach spectators will be sure to see more. Cupping therapy, however, is not a new technique used only for athletes, but actually an ancient therapy that has many benefits to overall health.

            Our patients love cupping, and our therapists see firsthand the added help it provides to the healing process. Before we address the benefits of cupping therapy however, it is helpful to understand what cupping is and does:

What is Cupping?

At OPTI, a therapist places a silicone pod on the skin and uses suction to create a vacuum effect in the cup. The skin gently rises, increasing blood flow to the area and instigating myofascial release.  Our therapists are trained to use “cupping” in specific areas based on the patient needs to get the most benefit out of the therapy.

There is a reason this alternative therapy has existed for thousands of years: the benefits of cupping are many, and we get to see the difference it can make to our patients first hand. Here are just the top 6:

Cupping Benefit 1: Safe and Non Invasive

Cupping therapy is a safe, easy, effective treatment for patients. The skin barrier is not broken, and the round circles the cups leave behind on the skin for some patients are harmless and go away.

Cupping Benefit 2: Increased and Improved Blood Flow

Many of the benefits of cupping can be attributed to the fact that it increases blood flow to the area. Increased blood flow also means increased lymphatic drainage and elimination of toxins. The benefits of improved blood flow also make cupping a great therapeutic option for a wide range of people facing different injuries, health challenges, or just seeking to improve health in general.

Cupping Benefit 3: Pain Relief

Cupping therapy can greatly reduce pain in many patients. Myofascial release can greatly reduce back, neck, and muscular pain in patients along with increased blood flow to injured areas.

Cupping Benefit 4: Reduces Inflammation

Cupping can reduce inflammation from injuries or soreness. Scar tissue adhesion has been known to improve along with the benefit of lymphatic drainage and the increased blood flow that lowers inflammation.

Cupping Benefit 5: Improve Overall Health

Cupping can improve respiratory and skin health, and even aid in digestion as well. The overall health benefits of this ancient technique are many, and Western medical practitioners are studying the benefits and effects of cupping more thoroughly while using it as a complementary and alternative practice for many ailments.

Cupping Benefit 6: Improves Healing

Increased blood flow, lowered inflammation, myofascial release and reduction in adhesions speak for themselves: cupping improves healing! At OPTI we are in the business of helping our patients heal and thrive, so this safe and effective treatment option is a no brainer for us to offer to our patients.

No matter the injury you are recovering from, our excellent team of Occupational and Physical Therapists are equipped to help you heal! We have a state of the art facility and offer many treatment options that can make the healing process so much easier, safer, and better for any injury or surgery recovery.

We also see patients as a whole person, not simply an injury in a specific body part. Our team treatment plans based on the injury, yes, but also based on how we can get each patient restored to health and a full life. Get back on the field, get ready to pick up a club, or get back to chasing after the grandkids with physical therapy at OPTI!

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