Shoulder Injury Recovery at OPTI

Shoulder Injury Recovery at OPTI

One of the biggest (and most significant) worries of surgery patients is “Will I get my life back?” For everyone, the question has different meanings. Getting back to playing sports, chasing after grandkids, or the career you love is all possible through proper recovery with our physical and occupational therapist team at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI). This month we are focusing on shoulder injury and recovery at OPTI, a common complaint we help our patients with every day at the clinic.

Shoulder Injury and Surgery Recovery

There are many ways to injure the shoulder, but all injuries have one thing in common: pain and loss of function in one of the most used and important joints of the body. If you have had experienced a shoulder injury, you know just how much it can affect every tiny aspect of daily life. Because the shoulder is a complex ball and socket joint the loss of even a small amount of mobility can be devastating.

Another factor in shoulder injuries: the amount of muscle and tendon attachment as well as the number of bones involved. As you can see in the picture above, there is much anatomy involved in the shoulder joint, which makes recovery a complex process. Some of the most common shoulder injuries we see and treat are:

  • Any and all Rotator Cuff injuries
  • Biceps Tendonitis
  • Shoulder Bursitis
  • AC Joint Sprains
  • Scapular Dysfunction
  • Frozen Shoulder or Adhesive Capsulitis
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Repetitive Use Injuries
  • Total or Partial Shoulder Joint Replacement
  • Repaired Labral Tear
  • Shoulder SLAP Tear Repair

 Our job as physical therapists in shoulder surgery or injury recovery does not simply involve the exact tissue or joint injured, but stabilizing the entire muscle group surrounding the joint as well. The body is an interactive machine: it works best when every part is harmonious. Our team of physical and occupational therapists have spent years learning and understanding body mechanics, injury recovery, and the physiological processes of the body in order to help our patients fully heal.

Our PTs and OTs have advanced training with the safest, most effective recovery treatments and plans including the newest technology. Shoulder recovery is as unique every patient, and we have the facilities and expertise to help each patient recover with a treatment plan unique to them.


At OPTI we have the unique opportunity to work closely with our team of orthopedic surgeons at OSSM as well: this allows us to know every detail of our patient’s cases and consult with the surgeons who actually performed the shoulder surgery. Our surgery patients have better outcomes and faster recoveries, as they get the benefits of having a full team of medical professionals in their corner.

Our physical therapists have training and experience that goes above and beyond their degrees. Many have worked for professional and collegiate athletic teams, gaining experience in the most state of the art and advanced PT clinics in the country. Our team also consistently focuses on education: whether that is sharing knowledge and research with each other or seeking out new techniques or information to learn.

Every single physical therapist on our team is trained and equipped to treat shoulder injury and post surgery recovery, so no matter which therapist you work with you get the same level of care. We also include further injury prevention in our treatment plans for every patient. Our goal is to have every patient that walks out our doors after their last treatment be fully equipped to live pain and injury free, and resume the activities they love. Learning how to keep the body strong and functioning well, along with techniques to prevent injuries, is a vital aspect of patient care.

No matter the injury, our team of physical and occupational therapists can help! Reach us at (208)966-4476 to schedule today.

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