Celebrating OPTI’s Best Physical Therapy Practice Award!

The votes are in, and your team at OPTI won the best Physical Therapy Practice for 2021! Every year The Business Journal of North Idaho picks the best of the best in the north Idaho, and we could not be more proud to have won for Best PT practice alongside our orthopedic team members at OSSM, who won Best Orthopedic Provider.

With our 64 providers in three interconnected practices, including our state of the art physical therapy clinic, team of orthopedic surgeons at OSSM, and now an Orthopedic Urgent Care, we leave no gaps for patients to fall through. We strive for excellence in treating injuries, surgery recovery, and so much more, which is why we take an integrative approach at OPTI as well as our orthopedic practices.

Justine Baxter, our Community Relations Coordinator explains: “At OPTI we are dedicated to providing exceptional, compassionate, friendly and effective rehabilitation of your musculoskeletal condition. Our team of professionals is here to expertly guide you through the often-difficult process of recovery from bone or joint surgery, or other injury using state-of-the-art equipment and proven rehabilitation methods.” (“Best of 2021; OSSM/OPTI” p. 65)

For every patient, our goal is to not only aid in the healing process, but to restore everyone who walks through our door to the ability to function in every day life. Improving quality of life as well as strengthening the body to prevent further injury is integral to our practice.

At OPTI we have a very unique ability as a division of OSSM: because our interconnected practices work so closely to provide the highest standard of care, that means our physical therapists are in constant communication with the doctor or surgeon that referred our patients or performed the surgery. This saves time, means any concerns are immediately met, and raises the standard of care for our patients.

Speaking of surgery, our team of 7 fellowship trained surgeons at OSSM are who you want in your corner when diagnosing and treating orthopedic injuries or maladies. OSSM’s Hip and Knee Surgeon Dr. Doug McInnis explains the benefits of OSSM’s all fellowship trained team: “Fellowship training represents additional training that we believe is reflected in our outcomes. We are truly invested in our patients’ best outcomes and tailor a specific treatment plan to pursue that success.” (“Best of 2021; OSSM/OPTI” p. 65)

Our Orthopedic Urgent Care is another important step in our integrative approach: “What sets us apart at OSSM’s Orthopedic Urgent Care is that the nurse practitioner and physician assistants have direct access to the surgeons and can communicate easily about a patient with no delays. Same- day answers make for a better, more coordinated setup. It cuts out some of the middlemen. From urgent care and x-rays to braces and therapy, it’s an integrated approach from injury to recovery,” Dr. McInnis says. (“Best of 2021; OSSM/OPTI” p. 65)

No matter the step in the process of injury, surgery, or recovery, our patients are well cared for. We feel especially privileged to be a part of that process we love: equipping patients for success and lasting health in every day life. We have two state of the art locations patients can visit us for physical therapy:

Phone: 208-966-4476

1812 N Lakewood Drive, Suite 100

Couer D’ Alene, ID 83814

Phone: 208-262-0156

1160 E. Polston Avenue, Suite B

Post Falls, ID 83854

To learn more about OSSM, visit ossmidaho.com or call 208-664-2175. For Orthopedic Urgent Care, visit orthouc.com (or reach at the same phone number as OSSM).

Couer D’ Alene location of OSSM along with Orthopedic Urgent Care:

850 W. Ironwood Drive, Suite 202

Couer D’ Alene, ID 83814

Post Falls OSSM location:

1160 E. Polston Avenue, Suite B

Post Falls, ID 83854


“Best of 2021: OSSM/OPTI”. The Business Journal of North Idaho, 21 March 2021, p. 65.

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