Orthopedic Urgent Care at OSSM: Treating Orthopedic Injury the Safe and Timely Way

Gone are the days of waiting to see a doctor with a painful sprain or break in an urgent care surrounded by people coughing. At Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine (OSSM), we saw a need for an orthopedic urgent care for our patients and community, and we met it.

At Orthopedic Urgent Care, patients can completely bypass emergency room and urgent care visits for orthopedic injuries, and actually see an orthopedic specialist that day. That means no waiting in a packed emergency room, no waiting for an emergency room x-ray, and after you leave no waiting to get into a specialist! Our excellent doctors and staff are well equipped to address orthopedic concerns right in the urgent care.

Our feature in The Business Journal of North Idaho says it all:

“Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Roger Dunteman said that when OSSM opened the Orthopedic Urgent Care in February 2018, they had one goal in mind- to provide immediate, cost-efficient care with direct access to specialty-trained orthopedic surgeons.

A visit to OSSM Orthopedic Urgent Care reduces overall medical costs by immediately pairing patients with orthopedic professionals rather than than having patients make multiple appointments with different care providers.

This saves time, as well. A visit to a general practitioner may warrant a referral, but patients will sometimes have to wait weeks or months to see a specialist. OSSM Orthopedic Urgent Care- located within (and sister office to) OSSM- offers same-day or next-day treatment so those injuries don’t have to wait.

‘Instead of waiting eight weeks or longer to see a specialist you’re doing it right from the beginning,’ advanced registered nurse practitioner Chad Bailey said.” (Weeks, 2020)

Especially now, we are proud to offer a better solution for orthopedic patients with injuries or concerns. With urgent care and emergency room staff treating full clinics of sick people during a pandemic, we know that now more than ever orthopedic patients need a better option.

Whether a patient’s need is surgical or not, our practitioners work with each individual case to make a treatment plan that is right for their specific injury. Patients can rest easy knowing that they will have their needs addressed and met right there in the clinic, with a plan going forward without having to jump through the hoops of getting a referral to an orthopedic specialist and waiting (in pain) to get in. Seeing an orthopedic specialist can also ease a patient’s mind: no wondering or worrying that something was missed or misdiagnosed.

OSSM also has casts, splints, and other necessities for treating orthopedic injury right in our clinic. After seeing a nurse practitioner, doctor, or physician’s assistant that specializes in orthopedics, x-rays and immediate treatment can be performed right on site. Patients will leave completely cared for, with a clear road map to wellness.

 We also have an orthopedic physical therapy clinic for any recovery needs, whether the patient is recovering from extensive surgery or a simple sprain.  Our physical therapists partner excellently with our doctors, making the path to health an easy one. We have two PT clinic locations: one in Post Falls, and another in Couer D’ Alene.

There are, of course, some injuries that need to be treated in an emergency room setting. Any open wound, fracture causing bleeding, or burn needs to be seen by an ER doctor. However, we have the ability and resources to treat a number of orthopedic injuries in our urgent care, including:

  • Dislocations
  • Work or Sport Related Injuries
  • Painful or inflamed joints
  • Breaks or Sprains
  • Injured, sore, or painful backs, necks, feet, etc.

Come see us for orthopedic urgent care needs Monday through Friday, from 8a.m. to 5 p.m. at our convenient Couer D’ Alene location:

850 West Ironwood Drive, Suite 202

Couer D’ Alene, ID 83814

To read our full feature article in The Business Journal of North Idaho, click here!


Weeks, D. (2020). Good To The Bone. The Business Journal of North Idaho, 12/29/20. 16-17

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