Fall Prevention and Training Clinic at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Institute

Our Physical Therapists often help patients recovering from falls in our clinic. Many don’t consider risk of fall to be something to worry about or focus on preventing, but at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Institute we see first hand just how devastating a fall can be to quality of life.

Falls are in fact the leading cause of death-related as well as non-fatal injuries in our senior citizen community in the United States 1. The statistics are daunting, but research shows that fall prevention programs can greatly decrease fall risk while simultaneously boosting confidence and peace of mind for those at risk for falling or struggling with balance. At Orthopedic Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI), we offer an evidence-based Fall Prevention and Training Clinic at both locations designed specifically with our patients in mind.

Our Physical Therapists know that prevention is key: we successfully treat patients who are recovering from injury or surgery daily, but want to set up our patients for a healthy and successful life by preventing injury in the first place as well. Statistically, falls are both common as well as dangerous for our elderly Americans, as well as those dealing with balance issues. The need for our Fall Prevention and Training Clinic is ever present, and can make a huge impact on quality of life for our patients.

OPTI’s Fall Prevention and Training Clinic is offered at both our Couer D’ Alene and Post Falls locations. Our Physical Therapists are specially trained and equipped to train our patients in fall prevention and balance improvements, setting each patient up for success in the long run.

Here is what patients can expect form our innovative program:

Thorough Assessment:

There can be many contributing factors to a higher fall risk, yet if only one of those factors is addressed it could still leave significant risk for injury. We assess each patient on an individual basis, examining muscular structure, potential contributing underlying disease or medications, vision and hearing, as well as lifestyle habits and environment.

Customizable Treatment Plan:

At OPTI we know just how incredible each individual who walks through our door is, and treat them as such. What may be a contributing factor when it comes to fall risk for one patient may be completely irrelevant for another. That is why we take our evidence-based program and build onto it for each patient, addressing their individual needs.

Targeted Strength Training

An exercise program tailored specifically to preventing falls and improving balance has been attributed to a 35% reduction in fall rate by the National Council on Aging. Targeting specific muscle groups while working on balance and flexibility sets the patient up for success as well as greatly improves confidence.

Life Style Intervention

A large part of our Physical Therapist’s jobs are helping patients make their life work for them. When it comes to fall prevention, lifestyle makes a huge impact. Every patient’s situation is different, which is why we offer a variety of solutions and variations to our program, including help for those with vertigo or vestibular issues, assistance for those with limited mobility, and more.

Some patients may need additional strength exercises for specific muscle groups. Other patients may need recommendations for better shoes, a cane or walker, or other small changes. With a thorough assessment, each patient’s needs can be individually met, providing the help they need for a safer, healthier lifestyle. Better balance can be as straightforward as managing medications or blood sugar or updating a glasses prescription, or may need more involved intervention.

Now Is Your Time!

As we are all spending more and more time at home this year, it is easy to move and exercise less. Unfortunately, the less we use our muscles and practice mobility and flexibility, the faster we lose it. Now can be your time to set yourself up for an injury free, mobile life! Call us at (208) 966-4476 to learn more about OPTI’s Fall Prevention and Training Clinic today, or visit us at one of our two Idaho locations:

Coeur d’Alene

1812 N. Lakewood Dr.
Ste 100
Coeur d’ Alene, ID 83814

Post Falls

1160 E Polston Ave
Post Falls, Idaho 83854


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