10 Reasons to Visit OSSM’s Orthopedic Urgent Care

Have you ever found yourself sitting in an ER or urgent care, nursing an injury, surrounded by sick and coughing people? Have you ever left an urgent care discouraged, knowing you will have to jump through several hoops to even be seen by an orthopedic doctor that can treat your injury? Our surgeons and team at Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine (OSSM) saw a need for patients to be able to have their injuries addressed promptly and thoroughly by a doctor who would actually be able to treat them. With our urgent care, we meet those needs and are able to fill a large gap in orthopedic care.

Here are ten reasons to visit OSSM/s Urgent Care:

  1. Save Time

There are many benefits to our Orthopedic Urgent Care, but perhaps the most immediate is the promptness of getting an injury addressed. Our urgent care focuses solely on orthopedic needs, so gone is the sometimes hours-long wait in an ER. Another time benefit? Patients do not have to wait to be funneled through a line of doctors and referrals to get to the right specialist to treat their injury.

  • Save Money

We know that time is money, and in the medical field it is no different. Skipping an expensive ER visit and getting an initial injury assessment by an actual orthopedic clinic saves money in extra medical bills or unnecessary appointments.

  • Avoid the Emergency Room

Less wait time, more specific care, and lower cost make coming to our Orthopedic Urgent Care a no brainer compared to the Emergency Room. Over and over we have seen how beneficial it is to our patients to be seen by our team in an orthopedic crisis, and being able to form a customized treatment plan to restore a patient back to health with us is invaluable.

  • Stay Healthy

Especially in the middle of a pandemic, keeping yourself and family members out of urgent care or ER waiting rooms for an orthopedic issue is so helpful. Have peace of mind when seeking care with us knowing that you will leave with a plan and care to restore you to health without risking your immune system.

  • See a Surgeon, PA, or Nurse Practitioner Specializing in Orthopedic Care

Seeing an orthopedic specialist right off the bat makes a huge difference in positive outcomes when it comes to orthopedic injuries.

  • Get X-Rays On Site

At OSSM’s Orthopedic Urgent Care, we have all diagnostic equipment and technology readily available on site. This means we can fully diagnose a problem initially and get our patients back to health more quickly.

  • Walk Right In

Our Urgent Care is walk in, so no appointment necessary. Whatever orthopedic need you have, we can take care of it!

  • Have Access to Crutches, Braces, Etc.

Our goal of meeting all of our patients’ orthopedic needs right in our urgent care goes beyond our four walls. If a patient needs crutches, a brace, or other orthopedic aids we have it on hand right in the clinic. When you leave our clinic, you will be set up for the best possible health outcome!

  • Schedule Surgery

We know just how difficult it can be for a patient who is balancing the struggle of an injury with trying to find an orthopedic specialist and scheduling surgery. If our team of specialists diagnoses surgery as the next step in your treatment plan, you can schedule surgery with us while you are still in the clinic!

  1. Establish Care

Not only will you meet a team member who will walk with you through the healing process, but you will get to establish care with them and actually know who you will be seeing in the future. This means our team knows your specific case right from the beginning, with no gaps in care or information. Our Orthopedic Urgent Care is the gold standard for patients in need.

Not sure whether to choose OSSM’s Orthopedic Urgent Care or The ER? We can help:

Come see us for:

  • Dislocations
  • Work or Sport Related Injuries
  • Painful or inflamed joints
  • Breaks or Sprains
  • Injured, sore, or painful backs, necks, feet, etc.

Head to The ER for:

  • Any open wound
  • Fracture causing bleeding
  • Burns

Come see us with your orthopedic concerns. OSSM’s Orthopedic Urgent Care is open Monday-Friday from 8am to 5 pm. You can also give us a call at (208) 664-2175 with any questions.

OSSM Orthopedic Urgent Care

850 W. Ironwood Drive, Ste. 202

Coeur d’Alene, ID

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