Kelly Ambrosch Physical Therapist PT, DPT


Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Springfield College in Springfield
Bachelors of Science Degree


Born and raised in upstate New York. Kelly graduated from Onteora Junior/Senior Highschool in 2013. After discovering the physical therapy profession following a sports injury. Kelly went on to pursue a Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Springfield College in Springfield. Massachusetts. Kelly graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in 2016 and Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2019.

Kelly has undergone extensive clinical training exposing her to a variety of sub-specialties including a national global health experience clinic in Trinidad and Tobago and a primary care clinic at the VA in West Haven Connecticut, working closely with physicians and residents. Kelly believes in addressing patients ailments utilizing a full body approach including spirit, mind and body. Kelly is determined to develop a strong therapeutic alliance with all patients she comes in contact with by providing each individual with the autonomy to improve their health and reduce suffering.

When not working. Kelly enjoys spending time with her family, exploring the outdoors and cookin

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