Physical Therapist

 Chad has been interested in analyzing human movement, and teaching movement skills for a large part of his life. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Exercise Science from Colorado State University, where his passion for health and human performance with all ages took shape. After participating in other activities including: volunteer firefighting, coaching high school athletes, working as a ramp agent for an airline, and private pilot flight training, he decided to pursue a Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Franklin Pierce University outside of Phoenix, Arizona, graduating in March of 2018.

Chad is very grateful for a multitude of experiences before entering the field of physical therapy, because they truly shaped how he views the human body and functional movement throughout the lifespan. From fitness enthusiasts, yogis, athletes, busy Mom’s and manual laborers, whose bodies are consistently moving, to more stationary individuals such as pilots, office workers, and patrol officers, Chad believes every single person can benefit from a movement and functional analysis that a physical therapist offers. He has a passion for targeting postural impairments, correcting physical imbalances, safely performing strengthening and mobility exercises, and educating each individual he encounters about how to care for their body to become a more durable, resilient, and high-functioning human being well into their future.

When not working, Chad enjoys hiking, cycling, photography, serving at church, eating a good burger, and spending time with family and friends.


OSSM is the only group that has specialists covering the entire body. Patients are always going to be treated by a surgeon specializing in their specific problem.