Experience you can trust, in addition to the nine years of post-collegiate education and training required to become an orthopedic surgeon, most of the physicians at OSSM have also pursued advanced fellowship training in a number of orthopedic subspecialties. These specialties include adult hip and knee reconstruction (joint replacement), foot and ankle surgery, shoulder and elbow surgery.

Each of the physicians are board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS), meaning they have met the rigorous education, evaluation, and examination requirements of the Board.

Sports Medicine
From weekend warriors to elite athletes, OSSM physicians have the expertise to diagnose and treat injuries related to sports and exercise. Treatment and prevention for all orthopedic injuries includes exercise programs for increasing strength, flexibility and endurance, physical therapy and the use of protective equipment. Surgery is the last resort for treating any injury. All patients receive a recovery and rehabilitation plan to get them "back in the game" as quickly and safely as possible.

Physical Therapy
Orthopedic Physical Therapy Institute has been established by the physicians of OSSM to guide you through all aspects of your care. A rehabilitation program will be designed and implemented specifically for you. Because of this "team" concept and regular communication with your physician, you can be assured that your physician is aware of your progress at all times.

Did You Know?

Dr. King is the only surgeon in the region who has a subspecialty certification in sports medicine.