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OSSM | Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine is the only group of orthopedic providers in the North Idaho Region that has specialists covering the entire body. All our surgeons are Fellowship Trained to treat distinct parts of your body with the highest level of expertise and care possible. Our surgeon’s expertise combined with their compassion allows our surgeons to address the range of orthopedic needs, and offer insightful remedies that restore quality of life.

OSSM is the only group in the North Idaho Region that has specialists covering the entire body. Patients are always going to be treated by a surgeon specializing in their specific problem. OSSM is the only Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine group that all surgeons are fellowship trained.

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Get timely access to care for your acute orthopedic injuries. Bypass unnecessary visits to emergency rooms or other urgent care clinics to receive same-day treatment from an orthopedic specialist trained in bone and joint injuries.

How to Access the Clinic: We are a walk in clinic, no appointment necessary. If you suffered an orthopedic injury we will care for you in a timely fashion.

Visit Our Orthopedic Physical Therapy Institute:

Orthopedic Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI) exists to provide high quality orthopedic rehabilitation for your musculoskeletal condition. Our team of rehabilitation experts will guide you through your recovery from injury or surgery using state of the art rehabilitation principles and facilities.

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